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SCUBA Diving in Bradenton

Are you looking for an adventurous family activity in Bradenton?  You are in the right place! Bradenton is an excellent central location for some of the most adventurous SCUBA diving in Florida, as there are amazing caverns, world famous shark tooth and fossil hunting, shipwrecks, and spearfishing all within close proximity.  At SCUBA Steve’s Adventures, we provide certifications and tours with the highest safety standards and best practices at these amazing dive sites.  Once you feel you have soaked up enough sun rays on beautiful Anna Maria, give us a call to explore what’s beneath!! 

SCUBA Certifications - prices are per person and all inclusive

  • SCUBA Diver: This is your entry level course that certifies you to SCUBA dive with a buddy.  In this course you will learn about SCUBA gear, basic dive physics, practice skills in a pool, and complete 4 amazing dives.  Two of these dives are inside incredible caverns and 2 will be really neat dives off a boat (either for shark teeth and fossil hunting or shipwrecks)!  The typical length of this course is 2 days.  The cost is $599.
  • Advanced SCUBA Diver: During this course you will sharpen the skills you learned in the SCUBA Diver course!  This course consists of 6 of florida’s most exciting dive sites, which include caverns, spearfishing (other options are available if preferred), and shipwrecks!
  • Rescue Diver: This is our most serious SCUBA course, but we still make it fun!  This course begins on land where you will earn a First Aid and CPR certification.  Then we head out to sea on a boat to apply what you learned in the aquatic environment.  There are 10+ rescue skills we cover in the first dive to complete the course, and then we have a 2nd dive to relax and celebrate, while hunting for shark teeth and fossils!

Guided Tours, Scuba Lessons and dive charters - prices are per person and all inclusive, unless stated otherwise. If SCUBA Gear is needed and not included, you can rent from us for an additional $50.

  • Try SCUBA:  Do you want to start by getting your feet wet (no pun intended)?  This one is for you!  Here we cover basic dive physics, practice skills in the pool, and then go for an exciting 2 tank cavern dive.  This cost is $199.
  • Bubble Blower: If you have a little one who is 8+ years of age or just want to try it out in the pool yourself, this is the course!  We have an exciting SCUBA discussion and then we breath underwater with full SCUBA gear in the pool!! The cost is $299 and is a private course in a pool.
  • Shipwreck Guided Tour:  Does exploring a ghostly shipwreck sound exciting, but a bit scary?  We will cover gear you should have and take you on a guided tour to explore some of the neatest wrecks in Florida.  The cost is $199, and only includes tanks.
  • Spearfishing Guided Tour: Hunting large fish underwater is a phenomenal thrill, but one that takes additional planning and gear.  We got your back!  The cost is $299 per person, and only spearfishing gear and tanks are included.
  • Cavern Tour:  Caverns are truly a different world that is exciting, but definitely takes additional gear and planning.  We cover this and then take you to explore some of the finest caverns in the world!  The cost is $199, and only includes tanks.
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