Guided dive Charters, Scuba Lessons & spearfishing

For those seeking an underwater adventure with the highest safety standards

Guided SCUBA Tours & Additional Services

Guided Tours and Additional Services:  All prices listed below are per person and include everything except food and beverage, unless stated otherwise.  If needed you can rent gear from us for $49 per person, which includes everything except a dive computer, which is an additional $20.

Instructor Led Dives!!

Get ready for some serious adventure!! We offer instructor led dives at Venice locations such as the Bayronto Shipwreck and Venice Army Tanks, Night Dives, Shark & Shipwreck dives on the east coast of Florida, and exotic and remote dive sites in the Bahamas on a SCUBA live-aboard that ports from the east coast of Florida!! Each and every one of our dives is led by dive veteran, SCUBA Steve!!

Try SCUBA Course 

Would you like to start with just getting your feet wet (no pun intended)?  This is your chance to try SCUBA diving!  You simply show up, we provide a briefing, and you try SCUBA diving in the pool!


Prerequisite: 10+ years of age


Are you certified for SCUBA, but feeling a bit rusty?  This one is for you! In this session, we will spend time in the pool refreshing and practicing the vital skills and procedures of SCUBA and then go on a two tank dive trip!


Prerequisites: Open Water Certification; Minimum Age of 10+ years

Structure: 1-2, 3 hour+ pool days consisting of a refresher on vital SCUBA basics and skills followed by 2 SCUBA dives!

Bubble blower Course

Do you have a little minnow that would like to try SCUBA?  They will love it!  This is a private session in a swimming pool.


Prerequisite: 8+ years of age

Structure: Educational discussion and brief followed by a SCUBA session in a pool.  The average duration is 2 hours, but may vary.  Please note that most home owner associations do not allow SCUBA, so it must be a privately owned pool (may be yours or mine). This is the total price for up to 3 children.

Spearfishing catch

Spearfishing Specialty Class

This is one of SCUBA Steve’s favorite underwater adventures.  There are few things in life as exciting as spearing big fish!!  With that said, there are additional safety standards, gear, and regulations involved.  SCUBA Steve will help you learn fish regulations, understand spearing gear, and take you through all the additional planning protocols.  He will then take you on a guided spearfishing boat tour, to help ensure you have a fun experience right out of the gate!!


Prerequisites: Advanced Open Water & Enriched Air Certifications; Minimum Age of 15 years

Structure: A single full day of boat diving consisting of 5 dives!  Momma, I’m bringing home the fish!!

Shipwreck GUIDED Tour

Remember when I said, “there are few things in life as exciting as spearing a big fish?”  Well, shipwrecks are one of them!!  With that said, there are additional safety standards, gear and dive planning involved.  SCUBA Steve will help you plan your wreck dive so you can enjoy this amazing adventure!  


Prerequisites: Open Water Certification

Structure: 2 boat dives at incredible shipwrecks!

Shark TEeth GUIDED Tour

DETAILS: Let's go find some Megalodon teeth!!

Prerequisites: Open Water or Jr. Open Water Certification

Structure: 2 boat dives!

Cavern GUIDED Tour

Details: 2 exciting cavern dives with swim throughs!

Prerequisites: Jr. Open Water Certification or Open Water Certification

Structure: 2 tank cavern dives!

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