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For those seeking an underwater adventure with the highest safety standards

NAUI SCUBA Certifications

Our Certification Adventures:  We are fully transparent and do not have hidden fees or gimmicks.  Our certification prices are per person and all inclusive, including photos and videos. We practice the highest safety standards and limit each class in size. All of our dives only take place at the best dive sites in Florida.  Each course can be broken into 4 components: Self study, classroom session(s) (virtual), confined water dives (pool or pool like environment), and open water dives.

SCUBA diver & Enriched Air (Dual Certification)  

This is your entry course into underwater adventure.  During this course, you will learn about the underwater adventures that Florida has to offer, learn the vital skills for SCUBA diving, how to operate standard dive equipment, and explore incredible dive sites! Upon completion, you will be certified to dive independently (always with a buddy) within your training, utilizing enriched air, which allows you to spend more time underwater and less time on the surface than standard air.


Prerequisite: 10+ years of age

Price $499

Typical class size: 4

Structure: Self study, one online virtual class, 5 confined water dives, and 4 open water dives

Day 1 - Land Entry

  • Dry session for skills and gear
  • 5 confined water dives in a swimming pool

Day 2 - 2 Adventurous Cavern Dives!

Day 3 - Boat Trip

  • 2 incredible boat dives! Depending on water temperature, we will either hunt for shark teeth and fossils or explore a wreck and reef.  Either way, you are in for an incredible aquatic adventure!

Advanced scuba diver

Our advanced open water course is designed to certify and teach you how to enjoy many of Florida’s most adventurous dives!  In this course, you will sharpen your skills learned in your Open Water certification, and broaden the number of dive sites you will be able to explore through 6 additional amazing, diverse dives! Upon completion, you will be certified to dive up to recreational limits within your training.


Prerequisites: Open Water Certification, Enriched Air Certification and 10+ years of age

Price: $549

If you are not Enriched Air certified, you can easily add this on for an additional $49.

Typical class size: 6

Structure: Self study, one online virtual class, and 6 awesome dives spread over 3 days

Day 1 - Land Entry

  • 2 "wow" cavern dives!

Day 2 - Boat Trip

  • 2 phenomenal boat dives on amazing shipwrecks!

Day 3 – Boat Trip

  • An extended spearfishing dive trip consisting of 5 dives! Get ready to bring home the fish!! Depending on water temperature and class preference, exploring additional shipwrecks and reefs is an alternate option. Either way, be ready for an incredible adventure!

Coral close up view while SCUBA diving

Rescue SCUBA Diver

While the Rescue SCUBA Diver course is a serious course, we still make it fun!  This course trains divers in the knowledge and skills to manage risks and effectively handle possible marine problems and  emergencies. Included are: assists, transports, surface rescues and rescues from depth involving both boat- and shore-based skin and scuba divers. Graduates are considered competent to perform assists and rescues in open water provided the diving site and diving situations approximate those of the course, and may use this certification to meet the prerequisite for the NAUI Training Assistant specialty course, NAUI leadership courses and NAUI Instructor course.  Graduates also earn certification in both CPR and First Aid.


Prerequisites: Open Water Certification, 10+ years of age, and your own gear (except tanks)

Price $499

Structure: Self study, one virtual class, and three in person training sessions

Day 1 - Land Based In Sarasota

  • Land based training providing certification in both CPR and First Aid

Day 2 - Land Entry

  • Confined water training consisting of 10+ vital rescue exercises followed by a fun dive! We will usually complete this session in a neat cavern!

Day 3 - Boat Trip

  • Open water training consisting of 4+ scenarios requiring you to apply a combination of rescue exercises and knowledge in a real-world environment.
  • We complete this phase on 2 nice boat dives.  The first dive consists of the open water training, and then we have a fun celebration dive hunting for shark teeth and fossils!

Enriched Air (AKA Nitrox)  

This is the most commonly used tank fill for SCUBA diving.  Enriched air offers many benefits such as, extended bottom time and shorter surface intervals.  This means more time underwater and less time on the boat when you go SCUBA diving.  During this course, you will learn the additional planning protocols involved to use this air mix.  Then we will complete two fun dives at a local cavern!


Prerequisite: Open Water Certification & 10+ years of age

Price $199

Structure: Self study, one virtual class, 2 neat cavern dives!

This course is completed in a single day.

SCUBA Diving close up with school of fish
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